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            Suzhou Intellisight Vision System has excellent application team and all members have rich practical experience in the visual industry. While we are innovating ourselves, we actively absorb advanced concepts and technologies from home and abroad. Now we have become sole distributor of NeuroCheck Vision Company in China.

            For customer needs, we provide:

             Full one-to-one follow-up project requirements

             Independent optics laboratory for project evaluation

             Plan and implement turnkey visual inspection systems

             Experienced engineers responsible for project implementation

             Provide professional technical training

             Improve customer on-site stability and greatly shorten the project cycle



            Welcome to our website

            • NeuroCheck Software

              NeuroCheck is a universal image processing software, which aims to achieve quality control of industrial processes. The software is designed to meet t...

            • NeuroCheck Hardware

              Through in-depth cooperation with well-known visual hardware manufacturers, NeuroCheck provides customized industrial cameras, light sources, and Lens...

            • Hardware Extension Modul...

              NeuroCheck extension modules are to meet different communication requirements with PLC, including image acquisition card, Profibus, Profinet/EtherCAT ...


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            Add:Room 316, building A, No.188,Suhong East Road, SIP, Suzhou City, China.

          5. Tel:0512-67607647
          6. Mail:leo.wang@intellisight.cn
          7. Phone:180-2146-8807
          8. Url:www.brainy168.com
          9. Add:219a-5, building A, no.188, su hongdong road, suzhou industrial park

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